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While most countries are grappling with a shortage of skilled healthcare professionals, several qualified professionals are not getting adequate compensation for their skills and are working at minimal wages. In such a scenario, Dr. Akram Ahmad has come forward, acting as a bridge between unexplored opportunities and healthcare professionals, aiding them in their goals to set up practice overseas.

In the ever-evolving landscape of healthcare education, Dr. Akram Ahmad, founder and CEO of Academically, is spearheading a transformative shift. Today Academically has emerged as the premier solution for global healthcare professionals seeking to advance their careers on an international scale by migrating to their preferred country with a job and visa.

Recognising the escalating challenges facing the global healthcare system, Dr. Ahmad has infused Academically with innovative ideas and a commitment to redefine how individuals learn about healthcare. The institute has become the go-to platform for doctors, dentists, nurses, pharmacists, physiotherapists, and more, offering top-notch courses tailored to meet the demands of diverse healthcare careers abroad.

The impressive KAPS results
The recent Knowledge Assessment of Pharmaceutical Sciences (KAPS) Exam for Australia December 2023 results underscore Academically’s commitment to excellence. For the third consecutive time, the success rate has exceeded 90%, a testament to the effectiveness of Academically’s exam preparation programmes.1 These remarkable results reflect both the dedication of the world-class faculty at Academically and the platform’s ability to guide students successfully through the KAPS and other foreign registration exams.

Dr. Akram Ahmad expressed his excitement: “I am overjoyed to witness my students succeed after seeing their diligence over the last few months. My students remind me of myself, and I am glad I could be a guiding force, helping them overcome the hurdles of their career enhancement journey.”

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Diverse course offerings for global healthcare professionals
After a few years of successful batches and triumphant candidates, Academically is now expanding its horizons and transforming into something bigger and better. As the scope of Academically is widening, it has decided to revamp its website and the entire platform, offering it a brand-new look! Academically transitioned from to to expand into new markets and make education more inclusive and globally accessible.

Regarding this transition, Dr. Ahmad, Founder and CEO of Academically, says, “At Academically, our mission has always been to empower healthcare professionals with the knowledge and skills they need to succeed in their careers and contribute to a better future. This transition to a domain and our expansion into new markets are vital steps in making education truly accessible to all.”

He further added, “Academically is excited to embark on this new chapter, and it invites learners, partners, and educational enthusiasts worldwide to explore the enhanced platform and the array of opportunities it presents. I am delighted to witness immense growth like never before, and this inspires me to help unreached areas of the world and enlighten and help healthcare professionals who are completely clueless about the exciting opportunities that await them.”

Have a look at Academically’s new and exclusive courses:

  • ADC exam for dentists in Australia: Comprehensive preparation for the Australian Dental Council written examination.
  • APC exam for physiotherapists in Australia: Tailored prep courses for global physiotherapists, covering the APC written assessment exam (Part-1) and Scenario-based Question (SBQ) exam.
  • PEBC: Preparation for the Pharmacy Examining Board of Canada’s (PEBC) written and qualifying examination, a crucial step for licensing in Canada.

Courses tailored for global doctors
To meet the demands of global doctors, Academically recently launched preparation courses for the three most sought-after foreign registration exams, which are:

  • USMLE Exam for the USA: Comprehensive preparation for the three-step US Medical Licensing Exam (USMLE), aiding medical graduates, including international ones, in securing a US medical license.
  • PLAB Exam for the UK: An expert-curated course for global doctors aiming to practise medicine in the UK and obtain a work/PR visa.
  • AMC Exam for Australia: Registration exam mandatory for international medical graduates seeking registration opportunities in Australia.

Global career opportunities with Academically
Academically caters to global learners, offering courses tailored for Australia, Canada, the USA, the UK, New Zealand, Ireland, and the UAE. The curriculum aligns with each country’s educational standards, ensuring a comprehensive and relevant learning experience for students worldwide.

Academically: A perfect platform for healthcare professionals seeking overseas migration
Academically is a healthcare EdTech with a distinctive range of courses. The platform is a comprehensive solution for healthcare professionals from all backgrounds. Utilizing cutting-edge technology and intuitive learning methods, Academically assists global healthcare professionals in setting up practice in their preferred country. However, Academically is quite different from the other EdTechs, as it offers comprehensive guidance, support, and resources and is thus an all-inclusive career enhancement platform for healthcare workers.



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