‘No one will lay a finger on your firearms’: Trump tells NRA members

'No one will lay a finger on your firearms': Trump tells NRA members

HARRISBURG: Former President Donald Trump assured thousands of attendees at a National Rife Association event in Pennsylvania on Friday that their firearms would be safe under his leadership if elected in November. Trump, speaking at the NRA‘s presidential forum in Harrisburg, confidently stated, ‘No one will ever lay a finger on your firearms. Not gonna happen.’ This appearance came as the focus of the Republican presidential nominating campaign shifted to South Carolina, where Nikki Haley’s last chance to challenge Trump’s dominance in the GOP primary awaits on February 27.
Fresh off a strong victory in the Nevada caucuses and capitalizing on a challenging day for President Joe Biden, Trump traveled to Pennsylvania to address the National Rifle Association. The Great American Outdoor Show served as a platform for Trump to emphasize his unwavering support for gun rights, a key priority for Republican voters. Following this event, the former president plans to campaign in South Carolina alongside Haley, where they will host competing campaign events leading up to the state’s primary on February 24.
Trump is banking on a resounding victory in South Carolina to deal a crushing blow to Haley, who has yet to win a GOP contest. Although Haley, a two-time elected governor of South Carolina, hopes that her home state advantage will propel her to a strong performance, securing her position in the race through Super Tuesday on March 5 remains pivotal. Trump expressed his confidence, stating, ‘We’re leading everybody. Is there any way we can call the election for next Tuesday? That’s all I want.’
When questioned by reporters earlier in the day, Trump expressed surprise at Haley’s decision to continue her campaign. He remarked, ‘I don’t know why she continues. I don’t really care if she continues. I think it’s bad for the party. I think it’s actually bad for her, too.’ In the Nevada caucuses, where Haley chose not to participate, Trump faced no competition. Nevertheless, Haley finished a distant second, overshadowed by GOP voters who selected the ‘none of these candidates’ option.
In addition to Haley’s disappointing defeat in Nevada, Trump experienced a particularly favorable week. The Supreme Court displayed skepticism towards attempts to prevent him from appearing on the 2024 ballot under the Constitution’s Insurrection Clause. Justices from both the conservative and liberal wings expressed doubt during a hearing on Colorado’s decision to disqualify Trump from its primary ballot due to his refusal to accept the outcome of the 2020 election, which culminated in the January 6, 2021, attack on the U.S. Capitol.
Later that day, special counsel Robert Hur published a long-awaited report that sharply criticized President Joe Biden but concluded that criminal charges were not warranted. The report highlighted evidence indicating that Biden, when he was a private citizen, knowingly possessed and shared highly classified information related to military and foreign policy in Afghanistan. The language used in the report raised concerns among voters about the president’s competence and age, a prominent issue of interest.
Trump’s address to the NRA, his eighth according to the organization, coincided with his reduced role in this election cycle amidst financial difficulties, declining membership, and internal conflicts. Wayne LaPierre, the longtime CEO of the NRA, resigned last month ahead of a trial in New York. He faced allegations of lavish spending at the organization’s expense, including private jet flights, yacht trips, African safaris, and other extravagant perks. The New York attorney general filed a lawsuit against LaPierre and three co-defendants in 2020, accusing them of widespread misspending and self-enrichment. Despite the NRA’s bankruptcy filing and attempt to relocate to Texas, a judge rejected the move.

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