Why Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s relationship with Victoria Beckham ‘soured’

Why Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's relationship with Victoria Beckham 'soured'

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle‘s friendship with David and Victoria Beckham reportedly ended and a new book claims to point out the reasons why.
According to a royal author’s recent publication, Meghan had ‘longed to by posh’ like the former Spice Girl and said to have requested complimentary fashion items like ‘free clothes and handbags’ from the popstar.However, Buckingham Palace reportedly denied the request, citing their stringent policies against accepting such presents, as per the Mirror reports.
The deterioration of the celebrity friendship extends beyond the alleged bold solicitations. Tom Bower‘s new book, The House of Beckham, says that “lost trust” suggested following supposed information leaks to the media.
The Duchess of Sussex had requested designer Victoria Beckham to provide her with a “coat, dress, boots and a handbag worth £6,000” to wear during the royal family’s traditional “Christmas Day parade in Sandringham.”
Despite this setback, “Later, Meghan wore a Beckham custom-made pregnancy outfit and a white coat and dress for a service in Westminster Abbey,” Bower told during an interview with GB News.
According to Bower, prior to her marriage to Prince Harry, Meghan Markle was given “beauty advice and best facials and hairdresser in London,” only to later find out that the details of this conversation in a UK-based newspaper.
Bower said, “Only after The Sun reported how Victoria had given Meghan makeup advice did the relationship between the two ambitious women crash. Markle was sensitive to the media probing into her unusual past. Harry was ordered to complain to David Beckham.”
Victoria refused the accusation that she was responsible for the information breach and instead accused a beautician of being the culprit. According to the author, Meghan was “envious” towards the Beckhams, coveting their opulent way of life, which included access to private jets and yachts.
The duchess-to-be allegedly perceived her position as superior to theirs in the social hierarchy. The growing divide between the two couples became more evident when Harry and Meghan appeared to be overlooked by the Beckhams at their son Brooklyn’s nuptials with Nicola Peltz in 2022.
The book further said, “She was irritated to discover that the Beckhams had considerably more wealth than herself. They owned five homes, had constant access to private jets, invitations to sail on yachts and much more money. And she was soon to be a duchess.”
This revelation suggests that Meghan’s frustration stemmed from the realization that the Beckhams’ financial status surpassed her own, despite her impending royal title.

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