UK’s Labour Party vows to erase anti-India sentiments, enhance ties ahead of general election

UK's Labour Party vows to erase anti-India sentiments, enhance ties ahead of general election

NEW DELHI: In the run-up to the July 4 general election in the UK, the Opposition Labour Party has made a concerted effort to address concerns within its ranks over anti-India sentiments and to strengthen ties with India under a potential Keir Starmer-led government.
At a ‘Political Hustings’ event for Britain’s South Asian community in London, Labour Party chair Anneliese Dodds reaffirmed the party’s commitment to rooting out any extremist views that might strain UK-India relations.Dodds acknowledged past missteps, including the party’s stance on Kashmir during Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership, which had alienated British Indian voters in the 2019 election.
Dodds emphasized Labour’s ambition to forge a robust strategic partnership with India, spanning trade, technology, environment, and security cooperation. She invited the Indian diaspora to report any instances of anti-India sentiment within Labour, pledging swift action to address such issues.
Meanwhile, the Conservative Party’s campaign in Dudley North saw controversy over candidate Marco Longhi’s statements regarding Kashmir and concerns over Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s leadership. Conservative minister Felicity Buchan highlighted her party’s historical and cultural ties with India, emphasizing ongoing negotiations for a free trade agreement and collaborations in areas like Covid vaccines and defense.
Lord Christopher Fox of the Liberal Democrats highlighted the stalled India-UK FTA negotiations but stressed the economic benefits of closer ties with India’s advancing economy.
Pallavi Devulapalli of the Green Party underscored her party’s initiatives to strengthen India-UK relations through cultural exchange and trade promotion.
As campaigning intensifies ahead of voting day, all parties are vying for support from the UK’s significant Indian diaspora, recognizing its influence in key constituencies across the country.

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