‘Sleepless nights’: Royal specialist claims Prince Harry worried ahead of UK Visit

'Sleepless nights': Royal specialist claims Prince Harry worried ahead of UK Visit

NEW DELHI: A royal specialist claims that Prince Harry is lying awake at night worrying about his upcoming trip to the UK, The Mirror reported.
Harry is reportedly experiencing “sleepless nights” in the run-up to the Invictus Games‘ tenth anniversary celebrations. On May 8, he is scheduled to attend a memorial ceremony at St. Paul’s Cathedral.
The Invictus Games were founded by Harry, in 2014.
Although Meghan Markle is known to support her partner at Invictus activities, it is unclear if she will travel across the pond, according to the Mirror.
Writer and royal analyst Tom Quinn believes Harry may have a difficult journey. He continued: “Harry and Meghan are having sleepless nights about what they should do when Harry visits the UK later this year he will have to do something to acknowledge the huge difficulties his family is going through, but he won’t want to do or say anything that seems to imply anything less than wholehearted support for his permanently aggrieved wife.”
Harry’s last trip to the United Kingdom was for a quick visit with his father, King Charles, following his cancer diagnosis. But Meghan decided to stay in Montecito, California, with Prince Archie and Princess Lilibet, their two kids.
Notably, there was no catch-up with his brother Prince William or his wife, Princess Kate, during the rumored 12-minute visit. Now that Harry knows Kate has been diagnosed with cancer, he finds himself in a mess.
“Harry would love to patch things up with his sister-in-law and with his brother and father,” said Quinn. “He sees things far more calmly now he has had his say in Spare and in various interviews, but he just cannot think how to do it and keep Meghan happy.”
According to the royal expert, Kate “definitely doesn’t want an apology” from Meghan as a gesture of goodwill. But, he said, Meghan believes the family quarrel in a very different way.
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