Rishi Sunak vows to end ‘sick leave culture’: 2.8 million Britons inactive

Rishi Sunak vows to end 'sick leave culture': 2.8 million Britons inactive

UK PM Rishi Sunak unveiled planned welfare reforms Friday to end Britain’s “sick note culture“, in an apparent pitch to keep his beleaguered Conservatives in power at an election due this year. Sunak said the reforms were needed to tackle an unprecedented rise in economic inactivity and ensure benefits are better targeted.
The issue of people not working is safe territory for Sunak’s pro-business party that likes to depict its rivals as big-spenders.”We need to change the sick note culture so the default becomes what work you can do, not what you can’t,” Sunak said. There are 2.8 million people “economically inactive” due to long-term sickness, a near-record high.
New AI tool predicts when new recruits will quit jobs
Bosses worried about turnover or wondering how long a new hire will stick around can now turn to AI for a heads-up on who may be next out the door. A new tool by Japanese researchers to help managers provide targeted support to staff to stop them from leaving, analyses data on those who have left and of present staff to create a turnover model for firms. The data predicts who is at risk of quitting “in percentage points”.

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