Prince Harry may have lied about drugs to sell his book ‘Spare’: Lawyers | World News

Prince Harry may have lied about drugs to sell his book 'Spare': Lawyers | World News

NEW DELHI: Prince Harry may have lied about taking drugs to make his memoir “Spare” extra addicting to royal fans, federal lawyers argued.
The Duke of Sussex admitted to taking cocaine, cannabis, and psychedelic mushrooms in his 2023 bestseller, but lawyers representing the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), in the Washington DC court argued that Prince’s memoir “Spare” is ‘not proof he took drugs.’
“Saying something in a book doesn’t necessarily make it true,” John Bardo told the DC court, according to the Telegraph.
Biden Administration lawyers are arguing about Harry’s memoir before a court as the Heritage Foundation sued the Department of Homeland Security after failing to obtain the prince’s visa application.
DHS lawyers argue that releasing the paperwork, which would have asked Harry if he had prior drug use, would be “an unwarranted invasion of Prince Harry’s privacy.”
The lawyers further argued that the records are sensitive as if it were released that this would reveal Prince Harry’s status in the United States, which he has not disclosed, according to The Telegraph.
“Courts consistently hold that a person’s visa or immigration status is private, personal information exempt from disclosure.”
But since privacy “really matters to Americans,” Nile Gardiner, director of the Heritage Foundation, thinks Harry’s application privacy is “preposterous.”
According to The Telegraph, he stated, “This case raises many issues as two whether or not people are given special treatment when coming to the United States and whether or not the rule of law is applied equally.”
Bardo said it was “certainly possibly” the prince entered under a diplomat’s visa.

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