Prince Harry ‘hates hotels and wears a disguise on UK visits’

Prince Harry 'hates hotels and wears a disguise on UK visits'

Prince Harry faces security challenges when visiting the UK due to his lack of a personal residence, according to royal expert Tom Quinn, reported UK Mirror.
In his book Spare, the Duke of Sussex described the extreme measures he took to meet Meghan Markle discreetly during their early courtship.
Quinn emphasized Harry’s ongoing legal action against the UK government over their refusal to fund his security, reflecting his preoccupation with the difficulties surrounding his visits.
Quinn explained that Harry’s aversion to hotels stems from a previous visit where he had to arrive and depart “virtually in disguise.” The Duke’s concerns are amplified when staying with friends, as he believes the media constantly monitors his whereabouts.
Earlier this year, Harry suffered a setback in his legal battle with the Home Office regarding his taxpayer-funded protection while in the UK. The decision to alter his level of security was made by the Executive Committee for the Protection of Royalty and Public Figures (Ravec) following his departure from full-time royal duties.
Harry’s lawyers argued that he was “singled out” and treated “less favourably” in the decision to change his personal security funding. They contended that the failure to conduct a risk analysis and consider the consequences of a “successful attack” on him rendered the approach “unlawful and unfair.”
The court heard that Harry believes his children, Prince Archie and Princess Lilibet, cannot feel at home in the UK if their safety cannot be guaranteed.
In a written statement, Harry expressed his sadness at feeling compelled to step back from his role and leave the country in 2020. He emphasized that the UK is his home and central to his children’s heritage, a place where he wants them to feel at home. However, he stated that this is impossible if their safety cannot be ensured while on UK soil. Harry also mentioned his reluctance to unnecessarily put himself in harm’s way, given his life experiences.

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