News agencies recall post-surgery image of UK’s Princess Kate Middleton over manipulation

News agencies recall post-surgery image of UK's Princess Kate Middleton over manipulation

NEW DELHI: Several leading news organizations have retracted a photo provided by Kensington Palace that depicted Catherine, Princess of Wales, with her children, on grounds of suspected digital alteration.
Several photo distributors, such as Reuters, the Associated Press, Getty, and AFP, have pulled a Mother’s Day image distributed by Kensington Palace last Sunday.The photo shows Kate Middleton and her three children. The withdrawal was due to suspicions of digital “manipulation.”
According to a “kill notification” issued by AP, “At closer inspection, it appears that the source has manipulated the image.”
AFP has also removed the image, citing “an editorial issue,” and has issued instructions for its immediate removal from all platforms, stating, “Please immediately remove it from all your online services.”
The photograph, captured by Prince William, features Middleton alongside Prince George, age 10, Princess Charlotte, age 8, and Prince Louis, age 5.

“Thank you for your kind wishes and continued support over the last two months,” read a message accompanying the photo on the social media platform X.
“Wishing everyone a Happy Mother’s Day,” said the message, which was signed “C” for Catherine.
In a statement the palace said the photo was taken “in Windsor earlier this week” by Kate’s husband, Prince William.
However, observers quickly pointed out irregularities: a segment of Princess Charlotte’s arm seems vanished; Middleton’s wedding ring is absent; and her arms unusually extend to encircle both Charlotte and Louis.
The image’s caption expressed gratitude for “your kind wishes and continued support over the last two months,” a nod to ongoing speculations about Middleton’s recent whereabouts, adding, “Wishing everyone a Happy Mother’s Day.”
Meanwhile, Middleton remains less visible publicly as she recuperates from abdominal surgery undertaken in January. Although she was seen on Monday in a vehicle with her mother, Carole, doubts have also been raised about the authenticity of this recent photo.
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