Meghan Markle stirs controversy in Nigeria with ‘Windsor dress

Meghan Markle stirs controversy in Nigeria with 'Windsor dress

In her visit to Nigeria, Meghan Markle has once again become the center of online debate after being spotted in a dress subtly named “Windsor”. The Duke and Duchess of Sussex, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, arrived in Nigeria this Friday, invited by the country’s chief of defense staff for their first official visit.
During their appearance at the Lightway Academy in Abuja, Meghan Markle chose to wear a backless, beige-colored maxi dress designed by Heidi Merrick, which is notably named “Windsor”.This fashion choice quickly sparked reactions on social media, with one user commenting on X (formerly Twitter), “Meghan Markle is desperate to have ties to Windsor name. Her strategic marriage and un-strategic moves since then have backfired. Like a dress with the name gives her the legitimacy that continues to elude her!” Another user added, “But they have been trying to erase the Windsors from their lives completely, but here comes Mrs. Sussex wearing a dress called ‘Windsor’, haha!!”
As per a Fox News report, critics argue that the choice of dress signifies a longing for royal connections despite the couple’s previous actions to distance themselves from royal duties. Some go as far as to say, “She’s desperate for the benefits without the duty.”
However, not all feedback was negative. Several supporters defended Markle, suggesting that the controversy might be overblown. One supporter argued, “Honestly, I think people read too much into this stuff. She wears a dress and suddenly it’s a secret message? Maybe she just liked the dress.”
The visit also focuses on the Invictus Games, which saw Nigeria participate for the first time in September 2023. According to British broadcaster and photographer Helena Chard, the trip aims to boost the couple’s popularity, especially following their 2020 departure from royal duties. “The couple needs positive PR as they are often reminded of their failures,” Chard stated, noting their intent to maximize media coverage during their stay.
Despite the mixed reactions, the visit carries the hallmarks of a significant public relations effort, blending royal ambiance with celebrity flair, aimed at garnering positive attention for their ongoing philanthropic endeavors.

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