‘I couldn’t be more sorry’: Manchester Airport boss issues apology over power cut chaos

'I couldn't be more sorry': Manchester Airport boss issues apology over power cut chaos

Manchester Airport‘s managing director, Chris Woodroofe, issued an apology to passengers affected by significant delays and flight cancellations on Sunday saying: “I couldn’t be more sorry”.
The Manchester airport experienced a major power spike in its electrical system, causing damage to critical equipment for departure security and baggage systems in terminals one and two.
As a result, flights were unable to depart, leading to a backlog of aircraft on the airfield and the diversion of incoming flights to other airports. Passengers already inside the airport faced prolonged delays and potential cancellations, while those yet to arrive were advised to stay away until the situation was resolved.
In a video message, Woodroofe expressed his sincere apologies to every passenger impacted by the disruption.
“First of all an apology, my sincere apologies, personal apologies to every single passenger who has been impacted by what’s gone on at Manchester airport today. There was a big power spike in our electrical system due to a failure early on this morning and it damaged some really key equipment for our departure security and departures baggage systems,” he said.
He acknowledged the challenging circumstances faced by his team and thanked them for their efforts in handling the situation. “I couldn’t be more sorry,” he finished before saying “the good news” which is they expect to be “back to normal operations tomorrow”.

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