First asylum seeker deported to Rwanda as part of UK PM Rishi Sunak’s migrant crackdown

First asylum seeker deported to Rwanda as part of UK PM Rishi Sunak's migrant crackdown

Under the new migrant crackdown policy of Prime Minister Rishi Sunak, the UK has deported its first asylum seeker to Rwanda. The unnamed migrant was flown out of the UK and arrived in Kigali, where he was given approximately £3,000 by the British government to assist with his relocation as per the UK-Rwanda agreement.
This action marks a significant policy shift as it is the first instance of the UK government relocating a failed asylum seeker to a third country.The man, whose bid to stay in Britain was rejected at the end of 2023, accepted the offer to start anew in Rwanda, a Daily Mai report said.
A government source commented on the deportation, saying, “This proves it’s possible and legal for Britain to remove failed asylum seekers to Rwanda successfully and smoothly.” The voluntary relocation plan was confirmed by the Home Office in March, targeting individuals in Britain without legal residence rights.
In 2023 alone, 19,000 failed asylum seekers voluntarily left the UK after being informed they would not be granted legal migrant status. However, tens of thousands more remain in the system, with challenges in deporting them back to their home countries.
The government asserts that it is more cost-effective to relocate migrants to Rwanda than to support them in Britain, even after providing monetary assistance and covering flight costs. Despite plans to deport more individuals to Rwanda, the Home Office has faced issues with tracking thousands of migrants who are set for deportation.
An updated impact assessment document revealed that while Rwanda has agreed to accept 5,700 people, only 2,143 are currently reporting to the Home Office and can be located for detention. The Home Office gives asylum seekers in the UK a £49 weekly allowance per person for necessities like food and clothing.
Prime Minister Sunak has emphasized his stance on not accepting back migrants from Ireland, where many have sought refuge in a Dublin tent city to avoid deportation to Rwanda.

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