Dual edits and Duchess apologies: Unveiling the truth behind Kate Middleton’s photo scandal

Dual edits and Duchess apologies: Unveiling the truth behind Kate Middleton's photo scandal

NEW DELHI: The digitally altered photo of the princess was processed in Adobe Photoshop twice, ABC News reported, citing metadata it had obtained.
The photo of Kate Middleton, causing a stir recently, underwent two separate Photoshop edits before its public release, as reported by ABC News. The image, initially shared by Kensington Palace on March 10, underwent digital modifications on both March 8 and 9, as revealed by the metadata reviewed by the news outlet.
Following the controversy and subsequent retraction of the photo by several agencies due to editing concerns, Kate Middleton issued an apology, stating, “Like many amateur photographers, I do occasionally experiment with editing.” She expressed regret for any confusion caused by the family photo, aiming to clarify the situation amidst growing public speculation.
In recent months, speculation about Kate’s health and personal life has intensified, especially following her absence since December and the announcement of her undergoing planned abdominal surgery on January 17. This has led to rampant online theorization, with terms like “Katespiracy” and “KateGate” emerging to encapsulate the various rumors.
Amid a vacuum of information, online posts speculated whether her marriage to William, heir to the British throne, was on the rocks. Others pondered whether Kate was recovering from an eating disorder or the cosmetic procedure known as a Brazilian butt lift — while some wondered whether she was even alive.
Despite the swirling rumors and the public’s growing curiosity, Kensington Palace has remained discreet, issuing a statement on February 29 asserting their stance of not providing constant updates on Kate’s recovery process. As the debate and conjecture continue, the palace has yet to respond to further inquiries regarding the controversy.
Some observers called it the Streisand effect, royal edition — the palace secrecy and botched PR had made the speculation about Kate worse, leaving even those who typically steer clear of such gossip hooked.
Some turned to horticulturists, demanding to know the plant in the background of the altered photograph, as it looked suspiciously leafy for this time of the year in England.
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