Did Diana lie about her age? Princess’s first work contract up for auction

Did Diana lie about her age? Princess's first work contract up for auction

NEW DELHI: Popularly considered one of the world’s most famous women, Princess Diana‘s first work contract from her late teen days has surfaced and is now up for auction. The application form had the name Diana Spencer for the elite nanny agency Solve Your Problem Ltd in May 1979. The contract is expected to fetch up to £8,000 at auction in Bristol on 30 April.
But something intriguing has been noted in the contract, that Diana lied about her Date of birth. Diana who was born on July 1, 1961, making her 17 years and ten months old filled her date of birth as July 1, 1960, making her 18 years and ten months old.
It is believed that Diana filled incorrectly to look older and more mature to get a job quicker or receive more pay.
As BBC quoted Andrew Stowe, from Auctioneum Ltd who said, “Our client had always been told that this was done deliberately, so that Diana would appear older and therefore more likely to secure a job with the agency, or at least a higher rate of pay,” he said.
“It could, of course, just be a simple oversight.” The document is thought to be Princess Diana’s first official work contract to undertake various short-term jobs as a nanny, mother’s help and child career. Before this, in 1978 Lady Diana Spencer had worked for friends and family, in an unofficial capacity, and some of them are noted as referees on the contract.

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