Despite historic victory, why Keir Starmer’s Labour lost ground in Muslim-dominated areas | World News

Despite historic victory, why Keir Starmer's Labour lost ground in Muslim-dominated areas | World News

It was a memorable victory for Labour as they returned to power after 14 years in the wilderness, but there was a dark cloud in the silver linning, as the party lost ground in numerous seats with higher Muslim representation. One of the biggest upsets was the loss of Labour frontbencher Jonathan Ashworth, who lost to Shockat Adam by fewer than 1,000 votes in Leicester South.Ashworth had a majority of 22,000 and was one of the party’s most vocal attack dogs. Shockat Adam declared his win for Gaza.
In Leicester East, the Tories, despite their poor performance overall, managed to flip the seat where Shivani Raja emerged victorious ahead of the Labour candidate and heavy weights like Keith Vaz and Claude Webbe.
The BBC notes that the party’s vote is down on average by 11 points in seats where more than 10% of the population identify as Muslim. In Ilford North, shadow health secretary Wes Streeting was among those who faced a backlash and saw his lead slashed, from 9000 to 528.
In four seats with large Muslim populations, Leicester lost, three to Independents and one to the Conservative candidate.
In Birmingham Perry Barr, Labour’s Khalid Mahmood lost to independent Ayoub Khan by 507 votes.In Dewsbury and Batley, Independent Iqbal Mohamed beat Labour’s Heather Iqbal. In Blackburn, Independent Adhan Hasnain edged out Labour’s Kate Hollern by 132 votes.
Others barely held on to their seats. In In Ilford North, Wes Streeting held on this seat by just 528 votes against Leanne Mohamad, the granddaughter of Palestinian refugees. In Birmingham Ladywood, Shabana Mahmood just held off the challenge of TikTok star Akhmed Yakoob.
Keir Starmer was criticised for saying Israel had the “right” to cut off water and energy to Gaza. Later, he claimed he meant only self-defence. He saw his lead slashed to 7,312 votes against pro-Gaza Independent Andrew Feinsten. Labour also lost in traditional strongholds like Islington North, as Jeremy Corbyn, now an Independent beat the Labour candidate by 7,000 votes.
Ahead of the election, Labour’s Naz Shah and her campaigners had been heckled by supporters with many Muslim supporters saying that they had been ‘betrayed’ by the party. In Bradford West, Shah was accused of “killing of Palestinians” and one social media user even filmed himself following her and yelling “dirty, dirty Zionist” and “genocide supporter”.
Starmer has looked to have a more nuanced stance than his predecessor on various issues but that has led to backlash from communities that were considered traditional Labour supporters like Muslims and Leftists.

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