Deciphering Rose Hanbury connection to Prince William and Kate’s latest controversy

Deciphering Rose Hanbury connection to Prince William and Kate's latest controversy

The spotlight has once again fallen on Rose Hanbury amid circulating rumors about Prince William and Kate Middleton’s current situation.
The royal realm has been abuzz due to Kate Middleton’s noticeable absence, with online detectives hypothesizing that it could be linked to an alleged romantic entanglement between her husband, Prince William, and Hanbury, as remarked by Stephen Colbert on “The Late Show With Stephen Colbert.”
Colbert brought up the supposed liaison between William and Hanbury, highlighting the growing speculation as Kate remains out of the public view.
Following her expected abdominal procedure in January, 42-year-old Middleton has scarcely been observed publicly, sparking rampant speculation on social media about her prolonged absence.
Ignoring inquiries, 41-year-old Prince William has remained silent regarding his spouse’s health and recuperation from her undisclosed ailment.
The intrigue deepened when a Mother’s Day image released by Kensington Palace, showing a beaming Middleton with her children, was later questioned by media outlets for being altered, leading to a retraction notice from AP stating concerns of image manipulation.
Middleton addressed the controversy over the doctored image on X (formerly Twitter), expressing her apologies for any misunderstanding the altered family portrait may have caused, aiming to clear the air about her photographic adjustments.
Despite the denial of William’s questions about Middleton’s wellbeing, Kensington Palace has withheld the genuine, unaltered photograph, adding fuel to the speculative fire.
This photo debacle led to widespread commentary online, with some even delving into conspiracy theories regarding Middleton’s situation.
Concerning Hanbury, she is a close acquaintance of William and Kate, with royal ties that trace back to her grandmother. Married to David Rocksavage, Hanbury resides near the royal couple and has been seen with them at various significant events.
Her title, the Marchioness of Cholmondeley, has been a subject of jest, notably by Colbert, who humorously misinterpreted it on his show.
The affair allegations between William and Hanbury initiated in 2019, with various sources and social media whispers contributing to the narrative, though none have been substantiated.
Regarding official responses, there has been no public acknowledgment or rebuttal from Hanbury, Middleton, or Prince William. However, William’s legal representatives have firmly refuted the claims, labeling them as baseless and harmful.
Royal commentator Omid Scobie has expressed views in his book and interviews, suggesting that the lack of response to these rumors has allowed them to persist, even in the absence of evidence.

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