‘Arty one’: Prince William breaks silence on Kate Middleton photoshop row

'Arty one': Prince William breaks silence on Kate Middleton photoshop row

NEW DELHI: Prince William has recently made statements regarding his wife, Kate Middleton, amid the ongoing photoshop controversy. He humorously referred to Kate as the “arty one” during a youth community charity event in London. He emphasized her artistic nature while engaging in activities such as cookie decorating with teenagers. Additionally, in a speech commemorating the 25th anniversary of the Diana Awards, he highlighted the importance of charitable work, echoing the values taught by his mother, Princess Diana.
The incident leading to these comments involves Kate Middleton’s edited photograph, released on Mother’s Day, which faced criticism for signs of manipulation. This photo, marking her first official appearance since her abdominal surgery, led to Kate issuing a personal apology for the editing, noting her amateur photography interests.
The backlash from the photo editing incident has led to doubts about the reliability of information from Kensington Palace, especially concerning updates on Kate’s health post-surgery. Notably, global news director of Agence France-Presse (AFP), Phil Chetwynd, expressed skepticism about considering the Palace a trustworthy source.
As the controversy continues, the public’s access to information on Kate’s health remains a point of debate. Meanwhile, Prince William’s recent public engagements serve as a return to his scheduled activities while Kate recovers, with her expected return to public duties post-Easter.
Prince William and Prince Harry both took part in the awards ceremony in honor of their late mother Princess Diana — but the estranged brothers were many miles apart at the time.
The brothers have fallen out since Harry and his wife Meghan quit royal duties and moved to the United States in 2020.
Harry has alleged that the British media treated him and Meghan as villains compared with virtuous William and Kate, and accused palace officials of lying to protect his elder brother.
William, who is heir to the throne, has kept silent in public about the rift.
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