Kerala couple waiting for son’s safe return from cargo ship seized by Iran

Kerala couple waiting for son's safe return from cargo ship seized by Iran

NEW DELHI: An elderly couple residing in a northern Kerala district is gripped with anxiety as they await news of their son‘s safety aboard a cargo ship seized in the Gulf region. Shyamnath, their son, was among the 17 Indians onboard the ‘MSC Aries,’ a vessel with Israeli connections, which was seized by the Iranian military near the Strait of Hormuz on Saturday.
Shyamnath’s parents, Vishwanathan and Shyamala, are struggling to come to terms with the news. They last spoke to their son on Saturday before receiving a distressing call from the shipping company’s Mumbai office, informing them of the seizure.
“We are going through a difficult time… we are deeply concerned about our son’s safety. The shipping company informed us that they have been unable to establish contact with the crew since the seizure,” Vishwanathan shared with the media.
Hailing from Velliparamba in the northern district, Shyamnath has served as a second engineer on the ‘MSC Aries’ for the past decade. He last visited his hometown in September of the previous year.
Vishwanathan revealed that besides Shyamnath, two other crew members from neighboring districts of Palakkad and Wayanad were also onboard. Additionally, nationals from the Philippines, Pakistan, and Russia were part of the crew, according to their information.
Shyamnath’s mother attempted to speak to the media but was overcome with emotion, bursting into tears.
Despite their anguish, the family remains hopeful that the interventions by the Indian government will lead to the safe return of their son and his colleagues.
Official sources confirmed that India has reached out to Iranian authorities through diplomatic channels, both in Tehran and Delhi, urging for the welfare and swift release of the 17 Indian crew members of the ‘MSC Aries.’
The Mediterranean Shipping Company (MSC) stated that they are collaborating closely with relevant authorities to ensure the well-being of the 25 crew members and the eventual return of the vessel.

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