Indian man sentenced to 16 years in jail in UK for attempted murder of ex-girlfriend

Indian man sentenced to 16 years in jail in UK for attempted murder of ex-girlfriend

LONDON: A 25-year-old Indian national from Hyderabad, Sriram Ambarla, has been sentenced at the Old Bailey in London to 16 years in prison after pleading guilty to attempting to murder his former girlfriend, a Malayali student, in the middle of a biryani restaurant.
Ambarla also pleaded guilty to having a knife without lawful reason in a public place, for which he was sentenced to 12 months in prison concurrently.In addition to the prison sentence, on Thursday, Ambarla was given a lifetime restraining order to never make contact with the woman, an Indian citizen from Kerala.

CCTV: Indian student stabbed in London restaurant

The couple met at college in Hyderabad and were in a relationship in India from 2017, but the relationship deteriorated and she ended it. They both arrived in the UK in Feb 2022 as students to read a master’s at University of East London.
The court heard that before the attack inside the Hyderabad Wala restaurant in East Ham on March 25, 2022, Ambarla had googled “how to kill a human instantly with a knife” and “what happens if a foreigner murders someone in the UK”.
She told police they had had fights for two years, he had physically abused her and threatened to kill her, and they broke up before the attack happened, and she was dodging his calls.
The night before the attack he turned up at her place of work and then went to the place she lived in a houseshare late at night and barged inside. Finally he was pushed out and they threatened to call the police. He returned again the following day, banged the windows and one of her flatmates slapped him and told him to leave. He then went to the Hyderabad Wala restaurant in East Ham, where she worked part-time as a waitress, Ben Holt, prosecuting, said. She went to serve him and she told him she didn’t wish to marry him.
He then told her he wanted her to stay single for ever. When she refused, he pulled out a knife, grabbed her and stabbed her nine times in front of terrified customers. He continued to stab her as she lay on the floor, threatening staff who tried to intervene. He then grabbed his phone, left the knife in the restaurant and rushed out.
The victim had to have to have six surgeries in a London hospital and her injuries included a 10-inch stab in the neck, as well as stabs in her chest, forearm, abdomen and back.
During police interview Ambarla said he wanted to be sent back to India to be killed.
Just as the court was about to watch the CCTV of the attack, Ambarla started banging his head against the wall and screaming. Security officials rushed in to restrain him as he cried: “I can’t see that. It kills me every day. I’ve never seen it till now. I don’t want to see it. It will give me nightmares.”
Mitigating, Carolina Guiloff said he had a borderline personality disorder, no previous convictions in India or UK, was consumed by guilt and remorse for the shame and pain he has caused his family in India.
Judge Philip Katz said that Ambarla was rational and aware of what he was doing at the time of the attack and had been possessive and threatening towards her for a long time. “After you left her on the floor and stabbed her, and the staff tried to intervene, you deliberately and repeatedly continued to stab her. That she did not die is no thanks to you. She was in a hair’s breadth of dying at your hands…,” Katz said.
The judge praised the woman for her resilience and strength of character for still managing to complete her master’s. She remains permanently scarred and told the court she never wanted to see Ambarla or hear from him again.

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