Canada mulls cap on international students numbers; move likely to impact Indians

Canada mulls cap on international students numbers; move likely to impact Indians

NEW DELHI: In a move that may significantly impact Indian students, Canada is contemplating a cap on the number of international students as part of efforts to address the nation’s severe housing shortage. Immigration minister Marc Miller, in an interview with CTV News, expressed concerns about the surge in demand for housing, attributing part of the issue to the influx of international students.
Canada, under Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s administration, has been welcoming an increasing number of immigrants, both permanent and temporary residents, including a substantial number of international students.However, this policy is now under scrutiny as the country grapples with a housing crisis.

Canada mulls cap on international students to tackle housing crisis and unemployment

As per 2022 data, India topped the list of origin countries for study permit holders in Canada, with over 319,000 Indian students. The proposed cap could have far-reaching implications for these students, potentially limiting opportunities for higher education in Canada.
Miller pointed out the need for collaboration with provincial governments to manage the volume of international students, admitting that the current system has “gotten out of control.” However, he did not specify the extent of the reduction being considered.
Internal documents from The Canadian Press, obtained through an access to information request, revealed that the government had been warned two years ago about the potential impact of its ambitious immigration targets on housing affordability. Despite these warnings, the Liberals set high targets, aiming to bring in 485,000 immigrants in 2023, and 500,000 each in 2025 and 2026.
The influx of temporary residents, mainly international students and migrant workers, has added to the pressure, with more than 300,000 arriving in just the third quarter of the previous year.
Miller emphasized the need for a balanced approach, considering not only housing but also the requirement to lower the average age of the workforce. He acknowledged the financial needs of academic institutions as a significant factor in these discussions.
The potential cap on international students is part of a broader conversation about immigration and its impact on various sectors in Canada. While specifics are yet to be announced, this development signals a shift in Canada’s approach to managing its immigration and education sectors amid pressing domestic challenges.

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