Proximal Soilsens’ Affordable Tech Helps Farmers with Rapid and Easy Soil Testing

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Among the seven startups selected under Cisco and Social Alpha’s Krishi Mangal second edition, Pune-based Proximal Soilsens Technologies Pvt. Ltd. stands out due to the uniqueness of their product and its relevance for farmers. Launched in 2021, Krishi Mangal is a scale-up accelerator program that supports agritech startups to design solutions for and support smallholder farmers.

Proximal Soilsens started in 2017 by students and professors of IIT Bombay, the company builds precision agriculture technologies for farmers enabling them to manage crops and soil with best practices of irrigation, fertigation and disease prediction. The company aligns with Government of India’s vision for irrigation, ‘Per drop more crop’ and aim to develop advanced, affordable technologies for agriculture community and make agriculture sustainable and profitable.

Through the years, mis-selection and unbalanced application of chemical inputs has resulted into degraded soil and increased dependency on chemical inputs. It is difficult for farmers to take informed decision for selecting the right type and quantity of inputs as per their soil health. The current infrastructure of 3000 soils testing laboratories across the country is not sufficient to address the need of 9 Crore farmers, also these laboratories take considerable amount of time at least 10-14 days to deliver the soil advisory. To mitigate the above challenge, setting up soil testing laboratories is also expensive, as current soil testing technologies require infrastructure, electricity, and skilled personnel hence difficult to scale. Due to these issues, soil testing is often neglected, and the unregulated use of fertilizers has become rampant and serious.


The technologies developed by Soilsens address these challenges faced by the Indian agriculture industry. One of such technology that targets on soil testing is Soilsens Go which consists of a palm-size glucometer-like device called NutriSens that gives out instant and rapid onsite soil health (nutrients, pH, and electrical conductivty) analysis. These devices send the soil data to the cloud in real-time and provides the farmers with a decision-support platform enabling them to make right decisions on right time.


 A farmer awareness session at Nasik

A farmer member from Amravati based Producer Company mentioned, “This new soil test done by our agri-preneur at nominal cost, has opened our eyes. This is thanks to the easy-to-understand crop advisory and fast testing of Soilsens company. We need more such services to protect our crop and soil.”

Proximal Soilsens Technologies’ Nutrisens device is a potential category creator in the field of soil testing. As a result of extensive research, Nutrisens is the world’s smallest soil testing system, which is reliable, repeatable, and easy to use. NutriSens has alleviated many of the current challenges in soil testing. The device works on electrochemical technology, it is a robust mechanism with repeatable results. With a software upgrade, the same hardware can be used for macronutrients as well. With scale-up, the cost can be reduced, and the technology can become as popular as the blood glucometer.

Harish Krishnan, Managing Director & Chief Policy Officer at Cisco India & SAARC, emphasizes, “Unlocking the full potential of the Indian agriculture sector requires a concerted effort to address structural challenges while embracing innovation and technology. We at Cisco understand this and, with that vision, launched the Krishi Mangal Program in partnership with Social Alpha to help startups like Proximal Soilsens, which empowers small and marginal farmers with technology-driven solutions needed for sustainable growth in the sector.”

Due to the affordability, reliability, and instant on-field soil testing technology developed by Proximal Soilsens, farmers are able to get soil health cards, fertilizer recommendations, and actionable agriculture insights at their fingertips. It has generated employment rural level and, therefore, checks the marks of the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals, such as good health and well-being, responsible consumption and production, desertification, land degradation, and drought.


SoilSens team demonstrating soil test to a farmer in Dayatani, Indonesia

With the support of Krishi Mangal program, Proximal Soilsens aims to create a market for quality and timely service in soil testing and advisory. The company plans to scale its operations in Maharashtra and sell its service to farmers through partners like agri-companies, NGOs, FPOs, etc. The company will also create awareness for more than 8,000 farmers and sell their services to more than 3,500 farmers over the year to help them with improved soil health and sustainable consumption of chemical inputs. To scale further, the company has partnered with renowned universities to validate and strengthen the technology and scale operation with organisations in multiple countries like Mozambique, Costa Rica, Indonesia, Australia, China, United States of America and Azerbaijan.

Cisco’s Krishi Mangal also brings together relevant stakeholders like domain experts, partners from government, and investors to support ecosystems and catalyze initiatives. The program is aligned with Cisco’s commitment to finding new ways to inspire a generation that wants to use technology for social good and to accelerate market-scalable solutions to help farmers adapt to climate-resilient agriculture and play a vital role in the global effort to combat climate change.

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