co-living startup: Co-living startup Homey to operate 10,000 beds in three years

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Co-living startup Homey plans to operate 2,000 beds in Delhi and Bengaluru as the company aims to change the landscape of PG accommodation for young adults.
With a primary focus on hybrid holistic living and value-based education, Homey has already established 100 beds across prominent areas such as North Campus (Delhi University) and Dwarka in Delhi.

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Homey’s three-year plan includes expansion into Pune, Ahmedabad, and Hyderabad, with an overarching goal of accommodating around 10,000 individuals.

In Delhi, Homey has entered into a partnership with Iskcon Dwarka for leasing rooms and setting up beds.

Through Iskcon Dwarka’s network, Homey aims to reach out to migrant populations aged 18 and above, particularly those from underprivileged backgrounds, to provide accessible accommodation options.

“We recognize the challenges young adults face in securing affordable and conducive living arrangements. “We will be offering discounted PG accommodations, with a particular focus on providing heavily subsidized rates for students. Our mission is to eliminate financial barriers and facilitate access to high-quality living spaces and essential amenities,” said Madhukant Das, Founder of Homey.

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In a global context, initiatives like Common in the USA, The Collective in the UK, WeLive in the USA, and Quarters in Germany have paved the way for innovative co-living solutions. These companies offer shared housing options with a focus on community-building, affordability, and convenience for young professionals and students. “Through our collaboration with Iskcon Dwarka, we are committed to offering value-based education opportunities and extending our reach to underprivileged sections of society, ultimately empowering individuals to thrive in their pursuits,” Das said.

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