Ather Rizta: Ather Energy launches family scooter Rizta

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Electric scooter maker Ather Energy on Saturday launched a new range of scooters focused at the family market called Rizta.

The scooters, priced starting at Rs 1.09 lakh, will be available in two models called the Rizta S and the Rizta Z. The vehicles will have a battery capacity of 2.9 kWH (kilowatt hours), with the most expensive variant of the Rizta Z coming with a 3.7 kWH battery.

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The 2.9 kWh variants will deliver a predicted Indian driving conditions (IDC) range of 123 kilometres, while the 3.7 kWh vehicle will deliver 160 km, the firm said.

The new scooter has larger, flatter seats and higher storage capacity to cater to usage by families, cofounder and chief executive Tarun Mehta said during the vehicle’s launch. Ather is aiming to go after a family scooter market that sees about 3.5 to 4 million sales per year, chief business officer Ravneet S Phokela said during the scooter’s launch.

The firm also announced the launch of its new technology stack called the Ather Stack 6 that entails improvements to safety and other usage features, as well as a new mobile app. Ather also launched two ‘smart helmets’ under the brand name ‘Halo,’ with a light-weight version called ‘Halo Bit‘. Halo is priced at Rs 12,999, and HaloBit at Rs 4,999.

Ather currently has a manufacturing capacity of 4.5 lakhs per annum, and is currently producing about 1.5 lakh vehicles, Phokela said, declining to provide a projection of how much capacity would be assigned to the Rizta. The firm also has a charging network of about 2,400 fast chargers and 210 service centres, he added.

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